Uchideshi Program

Joining the Uchideshi program is radical and challenging. It is hard yet fun. The Uchideshi program lets you unmask your strength, fortify self-discipline, and toughen your Kyokushin spirit.

Uchideshi means “live-in” student in English. In Asian culture, this is how learning was done as an apprentice. Being an uchideshi doesn’t limit to training in the 4 walls of dojo but actually, it is learning life in the toughest way. This program teaches courage, patience, strength, discipline and perseverance.

The program ranges from three months to one year intensive training. The most important requirement of the students who may want to enroll as an uchideshi is commitment then everything follows. One must have a heart to learn and must know how to listen and respect superiors.

The Uchideshi program includes rigorous training. These are some of the other requirements:

  • - An uchideshi is required to attend all classes at the dojo.
  • - Perform daily tasks. (To be discussed prior to enrollment)
  • - Compete at local and national tournaments. An uchideshi may compete in international tournaments as well if necessary.

Uchideshi Benefits

  • Accomodation is provided. (Maximum of one year stay)
  • Meal allowance is given.
  • Opportunities to become an instructor of Kyokushinryu.
  • Participate in camp trainings for free.
  • Achieve personal growth, fortify self-discipline and enhance physical fitness.

Current Uchideshi

Gerald Gratil

Lester James De Lumen

Rodney Flora

Jay-Ar Almencion

Alijandro Talagtag

Jon Lonel Buitre

Jerime Bongcalos


Suphiyan Sufi

Sumon Ghising

Debayan Ghosh

Divakar Manikandan

Tint Htet Naing

Aeindra Yunn

Thu Zar Htay

Elcir Liup

Ron Ron Bauya

Mirroo Quintana


Nur Salik

Clark Pascua

Joseph Esteban

Jc Valencia

John Mancol

Art Mancol

Christian Mancol


Adulquddos Mohamad

Mark Angel Gonzales

Marck Ryan Beriña

Dhondhon Gonzales Jr.

Faustino Baylon Jr.

Eros Vincent Arthur Buñag

Justin Gonzales

James Quiser Salaguste

Jay Rifo

Ahmadinnie Talapas

Samre Samod

Ryan Mayo

Ramon Gonzales

Bryan Dizon