Why get membership card?

Are you a KyokushinRyu member but don’t have a membership card yet? Better to have it now and get the benefits of this membership card system. Take your time to read and know all about this cards.

What is Membership Card?

Membership card is an RFID card which the technology where the Member Personal Infromation and activity are encoded in the card. Our membership card can captured by a device that stores all the data and transaction in a database. Members can enjoy full access of this system and record all their personal Information and Karate History.

How to activate membership card?

How to activate membership card using Branch Chief Account?

How to activate membership card using Members Account?

What you can do with a membership card?
Attendance History
  • Training (Require number of training before you can do the upgrade)
  • Tournament
  • Seminar
  • Grading
  • Camp Training

Event Histroy
  • Tournament (Records how many tournament participated, how many win, lost and KO)
  • Grading - every upgrade. it will automatically update in IKA website
  • Seminar
  • Camp Training

Online Store.ikak.net
  • Order History

Web Portal
  • Easy access to store
  • Quiz and videos
  • Account history
  • Etc.

**Note that all event must be registered to IKA website so it will be recorded in our database